Ain’t worried ’bout nothin’

rob mcnelisYo, I’m Rob McNelis, founder of TunaHack. (Ya, big nerd)

For 6 years, I was constantly stressed about being successful online. I wanted a huge audience, but blogging felt insanely inefficient.

Now, I finally feel relaxed and excited. I learned how to express my creativity, without selling the “make money online” dream.

My strategy: Off-site marketing, helping people, and building relationships

Want to see how I do it?

P.S. Obviously, I’m not some genius web guru, and I can’t make you successful.

These are just actionable/fun tactics I’m using to build a following.

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Step 1. Build a custom landing page (pretend you’re Steve Jobs)

Step 2. Collect emails (w/ easy incentives)

Step 3. Get traffic (no blogging or guest posting)

Step 4. Communicate with your true fans (start a business online)


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